Excalibur dela Tour Vidal


Candy de Nantuel

Selle Français stallion approval selection:

In Chazey sur Ain:

2 yo: Hot Savoie (CANDY DE NANTUEL) is 5th, Helios des Joanins (VLEUT) is 6th, Holly Good Dorchival (COMME IL FAUT) is 7th and Holala Gai (COMME IL FAUT) is th.
3 yo: Go Up de Farjonnière (KANNAN) is 2nd.

In Rosières aux Salines:
2 yo: Hors la Loi du Lavoir (CANDY DE NANTUEL) is 6th and Harlem du Barrois (LAUTERBACH) is 10th.
3 yo: Goliath d'Alba (CORNET OBOLENSKY) is 2nd.

EXCALIBUR DELA TOUR VIDAL and Pénélope Leprevost were ranked 5th in the GP 150 in St Lô.

Hello Vincent (CONSUL DL VIE) and Scott Brash were ranked 7th in a 145 in St Tropez CSI4*.

Twix de la Roque (KANNAN) and James Smith finished 7th in the GP 160 in Vilamoura CSI3*.

Vertigo du Desert (MYLORD CARTHAGO) and Luciana Diniz were ranked 2nd in the GP 160 in Oslo CSIW5*.
Truman (MYLORD CARTHAGO) and Amy Millar were ranked 3rd in the GP 160 in Harrisburg CSI3*.
Atome des Etisses (MYLORD CARTHAGO) and Laurent Goffinet were ranked 6th in the GP 155 in St Tropez CSI4*.
Timon d'Aure (MYLORD CARTHAGO) and Alexis Deroubaix finished 8th in the GP 155 in St Tropez CSI4*.

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