Oldenburger, Dark bay, 1m70, 23 years


He is simultaneously ranked among the best sires of young horses in France and among the best sires of top performers in the world! He brings strength and propulsion. Don’t miss out on his last straws.


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500 € per straw

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Horse News

▶ License : SF, Z, Old, Hann
▶ X-ray score : 5

Grades for breeding (from 1 for a few to 5 for a lot) :
SIZE : 4   LENGTH : 4   CHIC : 3   
BLOOD : 3   SCOPE: 5   BONES : 5

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Zijn eerste nakomelingen geboren in Frankrijk sprongen zich vorig jaar in de kijker en zullen we zeker terugzien op internationaal niveau. We hebben nog maar enkele rietjes beschikbaar !.


Argentinus, hanovrian, Top of the list of sires of winners WBFSH in 2005 and 2006, Sire of international performers like Arko III, winner with Nick Skelton, 10th of the Olympic Games of Athens, twice finalist of the European Championships and the World cup, winner of the GP CSIO of Calgary, Dublin, Lucerne, Rome, Anka, winner of the finale of the World cup in 2003 with M. Ehning, All Star 5, 24th world performer WBFSH 2015 with D. Lynch, Annabella, Athos, Banda de Hus, ISO 163(11), Anastasia III, CSI with B. Twomey, Adrienne, Athos, Special ED, Grace Argentina, As Good As It Gets… He also produced winners in Dressage such as A Jungle Prince, Albano, Aquilino, Athos M, Justin Tyme, Rafalca 61th world rank WBFSH 2012 and in the CEC: Twizzl, 52th world rank WBFSH 2012…
Mandoline, is also the mother of Air Jordan Alfa Z (Argentinushann), clones of Air Jordan, 13th at the 5 years World championship with C. Ahlman. Matador’s daughter, hanovrien, Sire of more than 300 winners in CSO of which international Classical Modern, Magun, Magnum, Manitu..
Mandoline, daughter of Matador, sire of more than 300 international winners in CSO It is the hanoverian family n°844


# 57th WBFSH ranking in CSO in 2018.
He is ranked among the best Sires of young horses in France and among the best Sires of top performers in the world!


His first progenies are competing on the international ground such as :
- Identity Vitseroel with C Vanderhasselt, 4th of the GP 160 CSI5* d'Ascona, 1st at the GP 150 CSI5* in Treffen, 3rd of the Nation Cup CSIO5* in St Gall with the Belgian team, 2nd of the GP155 CSI3* of Béthune, 3rd of the GP 155 at the CSI3* of Drachten.
- Alfa Jordan 4th of the GP160 at the CSI4* of Wiesbaden with Max Kühner.
- Amice Z 8th of the GP World Cup 155 of Las Vegas, 3rd of the GP 160 at the CSI5* in Saugerties, 6th of a 1m50 at the CSI4* of Devon PA with Charlie Jayne.
- Australia 4th of the GP 145 at the CSI2* of Chantilly, 4th of the GP 145 at CSI2* of Paris with Timothée Anciaume.
- Volupte de la Jarthe 1st of the GP 145 at the CSIO3* of Drammen with Clément Boulanger.
- Escobar 1st of a 145 at the CSI4* in Geesteren, classified at the CSI3* of Drachten and at the CSI2* of Opglabbeek with Daan Van Geel.

He transmits strength and propulsion as well as very good mental.