CATOKI - étalon/stallion -

Holsteiner, Bay, 1m69, 22 years

CATOKI - étalon/stallion -


He is still climbing in the rankings and now counts among the world’s top 30 stallions in all progeny-based rankings. He brings elegance and beautiful gaits as well as a great mindset.



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750 € per straw

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▶ License : SF
▶ X-ray score :
more than 15 years - WFFS : Génotyp N / N

Grades for breeding (from 1 for a few to 5 for a lot) :
SIZE : 3   LENGTH : 4   CHIC : 5  
BLOOD : 4   SCOPE: 4   BONES : 3

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Cambridge, holsteiner Sire, son of Caletto I, bronze medal by team at the European championships of Hisckstead in 1983 with Dr. Michael Ruping. Vice-Champion of Germany with Ludger Beerbaum at 5 years, 5th at 6 years then wining in CSI.
Produced many international winners in Jumping: Nemo CSI5* with N. Skelton then L. Davis; Calista-Ninette CSI4*, Curius 6th of the GP CSIO5* in Barcelona, Calypsa, Camelita, Chico von Kielsluck, Colina, No Doubt… In Dressage, Cinque Cento, Olympic Games of Hong Kong in 2008 with his Korean rider J-S Choi. He is also Sire of Cherub Vd Helle, Cheval de Blanc 5th of the Derby CSI4* of Hickstead or Chambertin, sire of Chacco Blue.
Bilda, Dam of Casco Z, Cassoki Floreval and LB Calvano CSIO4*, international GP performer with Susanne Behring.
Holsteiner Dam line n°4705 at the origin of 20 sires as: Chalan, Levantos I and Levantos II.


German championship finalist at 5 and 6 years.
In 2006 and 2007, many rankings at the international scene with Gerd Sosath. Oldenburg Champion in 2006.
In 2008, placed 8th GP CSI of Donaueschingen, 8th of the Derby CSIO in Falsterbo, 10th of the GP CSI in Hanover. Placed in 1m50 classes like in Odense, Pforzheim, Falsterbo with Jörg Naeve.
Between 2009 and 2012, with P. Weishaupt at the highest level. In 2009, he was placed 6that the GP CSI5*-W of Stuttgart and 7th in Oslo.
Starting from 2010, 2nd of the GP CSI5*-W of Helsinki, 3rd of the GP CSI5*-W of Oslo and 6th in Leipzig; 2nd in 2010 and winner by team of the Nations Cup of Hickstead in 2011, then winner of the GP CSI5*-W of Bordeaux and CSI5* of Vigo, 8th of the GP CSIO5* in Aix la Chapelle, 9th of the GP CSIO5* in La Baule.
In 2012, 4th at the GP CSI5*W of Helsinki, 7th of the GP CSI5* of Valkenswaard and CSIO5* of Calgary, 7th in Hickstead and 10th of the GP CSI5* of Doha.
Since 2013, ridden by a young Danish rider, Emil Hallundbaek and placed in international classes: 2nd of the GP CSI2* in Wien, finalist of the Junior European Championships.



N°25 Sire of winners CSO on WBFSH 2018, he was 46th and 77th in 2017 in 2016!!
His first products are 15 years old in 2019 and he has already many international winners: Catypso, 2nd of GP CSI-W in Del Mar, 1st of GP CSI4* of Tryon, finalist of the finale World cup in Omaha in 2017 with E. Navet; Catch Me If You Can: Bronze medal at the World Equestrian Games of Tryon, Winner of the Nations Cup of Aix la Chapelle and 2nd in Rotterdam in 2018 with L. Klaphake; Keoki, CSI3* with D. Blake; Cordel, 5th of the GP CSIO of Gijon, 11th of the GP CSIO of St Gall with C. Gisler; Cool Down, 8 years, winner of GP CSI2* of Riesenbeck, CSI5* with L. Beerbaum; Catokia, 2nd and 3rd on 1,50m test in London and Calgary, 3rd of the GP CSI2* of Verden with P. Weishaupt; Catover, CSI Young horses with H v Eckermann; Contanga 3, 2nd of the GP CSI5* Longines Master of Paris, 3rd of the GP CSI5* of Chantilly and Mexico City with A. Zorzi; ISO 155(15), 2nd of GP CSI-W of London Olympia, 2nd of GP CSI4* of Amsterdam with D Deusser, 6th of GP CSI3* of Megève with P Léoni; Catinka 25, CSI3* with V. Mannix, Catwalk 22, Catover, Campbell, Amsterdam 27…
Also among the international performers: United Love HDC, CSI with Olivier Guillon ; Camargo DH, Cinzia PMS, Catokina, Cordanus...
Caitoki, Camil, Capron, Casmeen, Catan, Catex, Catoki Cannon, Chocitoki, Venezia... are winners in CSI young horses.
Among his young products in France: Chanel One ISO 145(16), qualified at 4 and 5 years for the final, placed 3rd of the 6 years finale; Baikal de Talma ISO 134(18), qualified at 5 years, sire; Casting ISO 125(16), qualified at 5 years, sire; Bambali, finalist at 7 years; Matoki van' T Prinseveld, qualified at 4 years, 9 clear rounds out of 12; Braveheart ISO 138(15); Catapult du Ventel ISO 136(15) sire; Djebel D’Bonneville ISO 138(15); Castor vh Molenhof Z ISO 128(18); Choukanel de Ponthual ISO 137(18)
He has already more than 20 sons licensed stallions in Germany as Canoso who obtained the perfect grade of 10 at the jump during his approval in Germany or Coolio, TOP PRICE for 140,000 € of the 2016 Hanoverian auction.
He passes elegancy, well oriented neck and ascendant geometry