CONQUISTADOR - étalon/stallion -

belgian warmblood, Bay, 1m68, 19 years

CONQUISTADOR - étalon/stallion -

An outstanding competitor from Australia to America, the aptly-named Conquistador is the only stallion in the world to have had two of his offspring ranked in the top 30 at the Tryon WEG.
He has the incredible ratio of 14 products competing at CSI level out of the twenty or so among his progeny that are old enough to compete. This new star is coming back to Europe and he is the 2019 BWP ambassador!


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Booking fee : 350 €
Pregnancy fee : 1 000 €

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Horse News

▶ License : SF, BWP, Aus
▶ X-ray score :
more than 15 years - WFFS : Génotyp N / N

Grades for breeding (from 1 for a few to 5 for a lot) :
SIZE : 4   LENGTH : 5   CHIC : 4  
BLOOD : 4   SCOPE: 5   BONES : 4

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Een geweldige deelnemer van Australië tot Amerika, met een toepasselijke naam: Conquistador. Hij is de enige hengst ter wereld waarvan 2 nakomelingen zich in de top 30 van de WEG te Tryon wisten te klasseren. 14 van de 20 nakomelingen die oud genoeg zijn, nemen deel op CSI niveau. Deze rijzende ster komt terug naar Europa en is BWP ambassadeur voor 2019.



▶ Clinton, holsteiner Sire, international performer in CSIO with D. Demeersman : 2nd of the GP CSIO5* in Aix la-Chapelle, 3rd of the Olympic Games in Athènes and 4th of the GP CSIO5* in Rome... He is 18th best Sire of winner of Jumping at the international level WBFSH 2018 with more than 150 international winners as Cornet Obolensky , 4th best Sire of the winners in CSO according to ranking WBFSH 2018, Olympic Games of Hong Kong, twice finalist at the World cup in 2009 and 2012; Clinta, 13th internationl world perfomer in 2018 with McLain Ward, Gold medal by team and 4th into individual at the World Equestrian games of Tryon, winner of GP CSI5* of Dinard, New York ; Suspens Floreval, 83th world class performer 2018 with V. Tuganov, World Equestrian games of Tryon, 4th of a 1,60m CSIO5* of Calgary in 2017, ISO 169(18); Dame Blanche Van Arenberg, winner at the CSIO5* of Calgary in 2013, winner of the Nations Cup of La Baule, 2nd of the Nations Cup of Lumen, 4th of the GP of La Baule with P. Leprevost, ISO 169(13); Coral Reef Via Volo, winner of the CSIO5* of Calgary, 2nd at the Pan-American Games with B. Madden; Bagni di Luca, Olympic Games of London with E. Patton; Danny Boy, twice winner of Aix la Chapelle with B. Madden; Ustina Sitte, CSI5* with N. Philippaerts; Cliffton Belesbat, CSIO5* with M. Dilasser, 2nd of the Nations Cup of Dublin, winner of the GP 1,50m of Le Touquet in 2017, ISO 166(17); Darlon Van Groenhove, 2nd of the Pan-American Games of Toronto in 2015, winner of the CSI5* of Calgary with A. Rodriguez, About A Dream…
Among his approved products in France: Vitesse Greenfield, CSI with M. Hécart, ISO 156(07); Vivaldo van het Costersveld, ISO 181(13) with R.Y. Bost; Wiltana Vd Ruitershoeve, CSI with M. Billot, ISO 147(08); Special ISO 153(09); Ellington JSX ISO 150(15); Clannad Future ISO 152(15)…
He has also more than 40 approved sons such as President; Elton Vd Krekebeke ISO 157(16); Consul DL Vie Z, CSI3* with T. Cadet, ISO 153(16); Ensor Vd Heffinck ISO 147(10); Tobago Chevrier ISO 150(14); Uitlanders du Ter ISO 162(18); Hoover ISO 150(18); Cigaret JVH Z, 2nd of the Sires of the World in Lanaken in 2018, Diabeau van de Heffinck…
▶ Quintana van den Bosrand, has 2 other products:
-Utrillo van of Heffinck (Clinton holst), sire, CSI with W. Lapertot, 4th of GP CSIO4* of Poznan in 2007;
-Quindoctro (Indoctro holst), approved sire


ASB Conquistador ex Bush vd Heffinck begins in CSI at 7 years with Chris Chugg in Australia.
2009: 9/ 10 classifies including one 5th place in the GP of the CSI-W of Melbourne. Exported to the USA in 2009, it will take along its young rider, K. Cook up to level CSI5*.
2010: Classified 2 times in tests 1,60m in the CSI5* of Calgary.
2011: He is 2 times classified at the CSI5* of Calgary, 3 times at CSI - W of Del Mar, finishes 2nd GP CSI-W in Las Vegas and 3rd in Sacramento.
2012: He is classified in the GP CSI-W in Del Mar, San Juan, Las Vegas,
He was, since then, retired in California.


His production is to date confidential but exceptional.
He has less than 20 products recorded in Australia before its departure in the USA and 11 are winners in CSI!
Among them:
Oaks Redwood, finalist of the Final World cup in Bercy, Tryon World Equestrian Games in 2018, he was ranked 24th into individual with B. Raymont
Yandoo Oaks Constellation, finalist of the Final World cup in Bercy, Tryon World Equestrian Games in 2018, he was ranked 29th into individual with J. Kermond
Bellini Star, CSI5* with S. Hill
and Conquest, Chumbawumba, Goya, Conquista, Cajun, Conan, Clovelly, Jitterburg… all winners in CSI 1,40m/1,50m in Australia and Europe.
Conquistador is the only sire having 2 offspring in the 30 first in the WORLD EQUESTRIAN GAMES in TRYON.