Selle Français, Bay, 1m70, 24 years


After one of the most beautiful sports careers of all time, Ideal de la Loge has asserted himself over the years as a very good father of performers. After Qoud’Coeur de la Loge, a lot of very good winners attest his qualities as a sire!

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▶ Dollar du Murier, international winner with Eric Navet, World Vice-champion into individual and World champion by team, French Champion, ISO 184(00), 8th in the ranking SHF 2015, among the best Sires of young horses by average earnings. Sire of Rubis du Rustick ISO 163(15) ; Aresse M ISO 156(15) ; Johnny Boy II ISO 157(10) ; Qarat de la Loge ISO 172(13)… and many performers such as Ionesco de Brekka ISO 171(07); Myrtille Paulois, European Champion, 2013 world best performer, ISO 187(13); OZ de Brêve ISO 184(13); Rhune d' Euskadi ISO 168(13); Milton du Murier ISO 171(12) Quiklove des Monts ISO 159(15); Olympe d’Aiguilly ISO 156(15); Ophelie Gesmeray ISO 150(15)…
▶ Ulenda, dautgher of the Olympic Joyau d’or, labeled in dressage, has 8 other products: Carma II (Carmont PS), finalist from 4 to 6 years, ISO 135(96), exported in Switzerland; Elite de la Loge (Type d’Elle sf), finalist from 4 to 6 years, ISO 124(98), then exported in Italy; Fiftie de la Loge (Quat' Sous sf), ISO 143(02), CSI; Laureat de la Loge (Avec Espoir sf), finalist at 4 years, ISO 118(09), exported in Luxembourg; Prestige de la Loge (Vicomte de la Loge sf), finalist at 6 years, ISO 130(09); Qarat de la Loge (Dollar du Murier sf), Sire, finalist from 4 to 6 years, ISO 172(13); Top Tip de la Loge (Corofino holst), ISO 129 (14)


2000 to 2005: Finalist from 4 to 6 years, “Excellent” at 6 years with the best grade of NEP, end 3rd at the 7 years Championship. At 8 and 9 years, under the saddle of Roger-Yves Bost, winner in GP CSI: winner of the CSI of Metz, CSI3* of Jerrez, CSI3* of Balves, CSI4* of Liege, 4th of the GP CSIO of la Baule… In 2005, best Sire of his generation by the profits.
From 10 years: Very good winner in CSI, CSIO and CSI-W: Winner of the GP CSIO of Hickstead, CSI4* of Maastricht, CSIO of Arezzo, CSI5* GCT of Cannes, CSI5* of Corogne, CSI5* of Lyon, CSI-W of Bordeaux, winner of the CSIO of La Baule, CSI5* of Lyon and Helsinki, 2nd of the CSIO of Calgary, CSIO of Spruce Meadows and CSI5* of Valkenswaard, winner of the Nations Cup of Aix la Chapelle, 2nd in Hickstead and winner of Meydan FEI Nations Cup 2009, 7th and 11th at the finale of the GCT CSI4* of Sao Paulo 2008. Best French sire by the profits in 2008 and 2009.
2011: Winner of the GP 1m60 CSI5* GCT of Abu Dhabi, winner of the Nations Cup CSIO5* of Calgary, winner of 1m50 tests at the CSI4* of Munster and CSI5* of Doha, CSI3* of Pforzheim, 2nd of 1m50 tests CSIO of Calgary, CSI5* of Cannes and Bordeaux, 3rd of the CSI4* of Munster, 6th of the GP 1m60 CSI-W of Helsinki, 9th of the CSI5* GCT of Estoril… 27th best performer Sire WBFSH and 1st Sire 100% SF.
2012 and 2013: With Roger-Yves Bost then Olivier Robert, 2nd GP 1m50 of Fontainebleau, 3rd of a 1m50 CSIO5* of Barcelona and 5th of the CSI3* of Vejer de la Frontera, 6th of a 1m50 and 7th of the GP 1,55m CSIO of Madrid, 5th and 6th of tests 1m40 CSI2* of Oliva and 11th of the GP, placed in the GP 1m60 CSI5* CGT of Doha and Estoril…
ISO 182(09), with more than 1 million euros of earnings in competition.


Among his offspring: Qoud’Coeur de la Loge, winner of the GP GCT CSI5* of Mexico City, 7th of GP CSI5* of Calgary with RY. Bost, Scala des Champs, ISO 156(17), winner of GP CSI3* of Lons le Saunier, 4th of GP CSI3* of Vilamoura with A. Rouchon, Sara Galotière, CSI3*, winner of a 1,50m in Liege with S. Thijssen, ISO 146(17), Up des Chaines, CSI5* with R. Keesler, Rock Mouche ISO 142(16), Quadence de Puychety ISO 135(17), Rafale des Nois ISO 148(15), Sisygie de B’Neville ISO 131(17), Sanga du Garret ISO 138(16), Une Eau Vive Dubanier ICC 142(17), Ukraine d’Artemis, CSI2*, ISO 137(17), Un Vendéen des Isles ICC 133(16), Vallon du Dame ISO 137(16), Valence One ISO 133(17), Verry du Roc ISO 134(17), Alouette de l’Arz ISO 131(17), Brise du Puits ISO 135(17), Baila Vendéenne ISO 134(17), Up des Chaines ISO 143(18), Sanga du Garret 143(18), Sara Galotière 147(18).