Selle Français, Grey, 1m72, 19 years


This spectacular son of Carthago who is built like a sire stands out with his power, his elasticity, his mindset and his respect. Year after year, the quality of his offspring confirms itself.

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Carthago, international performer with Jos Lansink: winner of the GP of la Baule, 11th of the Olympic Games of Atlanta, 20th at the Olympic Games of Sydney, 8th of the European Championships of Hickstead and finalist of the World Cup of Göteborg, winner of Nations Cup. Placed 60th best sire of winners on the world plan in 2016.
Among around fifty products in CSIO and Nations Cup rankings, Cash 63, 7th world rank in 2010; VDL Groep Cannelina, Cicero Van Paemel, Carmena Z, Coltaire Z...
Also Sire of many performers: Catwalk Z, 2nd of the GP CSI3* of Eindhoven, 82th world performer, CSI5* with P. Bucci; Cobra, Colman, Crown Z, Cartani, Codex, or Castleforbes Cicely ISO 133(15) …

He also produced: Teldame de la Nutria, 11th of the GP CSI2* of Barbizon in 2016 with O. Perreau, CSI3*, ISO 146(16); Panama Tame, 3rd of GP CSIO3* of Samorin, 5th of the GP CSI3* in Arezzo, finalist at 4 years “Excellent”, 5 years and 6 years “very good”, CSIO5* with E. Angot, ISO 160(16); Old Chap Tame, CSIO, 83th world performer 2014, ISO 175(14); Nouma d' Auzay, finalist at 4 and 5 years, ISO 160(09); Milano de Flore, winner in CSI2*-W under Argentinian saddle, ISO 156(13); Matahari Mail, Pro2 Championship in 2009, 7 years Championship, world championship and finalist at 6 years with P. Delaveau, ISO 153(06); Magicienne de Gree, 2nd to GP CSI2* of Challans in 2010, finalist with 4-5-6 years, ISO 147(08); Moon Mail, 2nd of finale CSIO5*-NC of Barcelona in 2010, 4th of GP CSI2* in Santander, finalist at 6 years, ISO 164(10); Mylord Carthago, finalist World cup, Silver Medal by team at the World championships of Lexington 2010 and by team at the European Championships in Madrid 2011, Olympic Games of London 2012, 8th world performer WBFSH, ISO in 2010 178(12); Castronom Z, 3rd of the GP CSI3* of Caen in 2008 with K. Staut, winner of a 1m55 at the CSI5* of Madrid, ISO 161(08); La Vie du Fraigneau, 4th of the GP CSI2* of San Sebastian in 2009, ISO 161(09); Looping d’Elle, placed in 2016 in CSI2* and CSI3*, winner in CSIO4*-NC, 6th of the GP CSI2* in le Mans, 2nd of the GP CSI3* in Royan, finalist at 4-5-6 years, ISO 172(12), Cycarlos L Z, ISO 164(08); Love Love Jac, finalist at 4-5-6 years “Excellent”, ISO 155(06), Chauvinist Z, ISO 137(16); Cuarthago Bel Z, ISO 114(16).

Farandol III finalist from 4 to 6 years, ISO 147(01), has 7 other products:
- Quorioso Pré Noir (Kannan kwpn), Sire, finalist at 4 and 5 years and 5th of the 6 years Championship, 6th of the 7 years Criterium in Fontainebleau, French Champion Pro 1 Elite in 2014 with T. Anciaume, CSIO, winner of the Nations Cup at the CSIO3* of Drammen in 2013, ISO 167(13)


▶ With Olivier Jouanneteau, 3rd of the 4 years old Championship in Fontainebleau, “Elite”, then 4-year-old Vice-Champion at the Horse show.
At 5 years, finalist in Fontainebleau, placed 3rd of the CIR of Compiegne.
At 7 years, winner of the 7 years old international tests at the CSI of Fontainebleau and Verquigneul, and 6th at the CSI of Béthune, 7th at the CSI2* of Jardy, 3rd of the GP 1m30 in Fay les Etangs.
 In 2009 and 2010, winner of 1m35 tests in Clermont, 2nd of a speed in Amiens, 8th at the CSI2* of Vittel; 4th of the GP 1m40 in Fay les Etangs and 7th in Marolles en Brie, 7th at the CSI2* of Palaiseau, 9th of the GP in le Touquet, 9th at the CSI4* of Chantilly, 9th and placed in the GP of Fontainebleau; 2nd of the GP 145 of le Touquet and 12th in Fontainebleau, 7th of the CSI2*, placed in the GP CSI2* of Moorsele, CSI2* of Jardy and Verquigneul; It is also 6th of a 6 bars test CSI3* of Béthune.
 In 2011 and 2012, 2nd and 3rd of GP 1m35 in Fay les Etangs and Villers, 8th of the GP 1m35 in Compiegne and 10th in le Touquet, 7th of a 1m40 at the CSI2* of le Touquet, 8th of a 1m40 speed and winner of the GP 1m45 in le Touquet.
 In 2013 and 2014, with Olivier Guillon, winner of the GP 1m35 of Genainville, 2nd in Ezy sur Eure and 6th in Magnanville, 2nd of the GP 1m40 in Autheuil-Authouillet and 6th in Jouy en Josas, 4th of the GP 1m45 CSI2* of Boissière and 8th in Compiegne, 4th of a 1m40 CSI2* of Barbizon.
ISO 153(13)


Sire of winners in all generations and among the best Sires of young horses each year.
- In Jumping: Bibici , French champion at 4 and 5 years old, ISO 141(18), Barbie de Chamant ISO 131(16), Bahia Solia ISO 126(16), Circée de la Haye ISO 121(16), Apollon Vertefeuilles IPO 145(17), Ascona du Cèdre ISO 133(17), Ality du Phaël, CSI2* YH, ISO 131(17)…
- In Eventing: Tharita de Frières ICC 143(13), Veneto des Sources ICC 143(16) with M. Livio, Canon St Martin ICC 125(17), Atlas d’Harreville
- In Free Cycles: Borman de Flavigny, Bacchus du Moutier, Béguin St Pierre, Caprice de l’Arre, Baccarat de Huleux…
- He has good winners in CSI: Tip Top d’Aix ISO 140(17) Junior European Championship 2017 with C. Gras, Tandème ISO 140(16)…
Eny One Dore is finalist of the 3 years Championship, Helios des Laquais is 11th of the French young males Championship.

In 2018, Top Class du Plessis ISO 151 (18) is 4th of the GP 150 CSI3* in St Lô, 4th of the GP 145 CSI2* of Paris. Bibici ISO 141(18) 2nd of the 7 years GP in Mantes La Jolie and 6th of the 7 years GP in Bourg en Bresse.




Afkomstig van een 5* moederlijn, sprong deze Casall zoon zich in 2017 zelf in de kijker met geweldige prestaties op het hoogste niveau!Afkomstig van een 5* moederlijn, sprong deze Casall zoon zich in 2017 zelf in de kijker met geweldige prestaties op het hoogste niveau !

Technische onkosten zijn altijd 350 € exclusief BTW + 850 €


▶ License : SF,
▶ X-ray score
- WFFS : Génotyp N / N

Grades for breeding (from 1 for a few to 5 for a lot) :
SIZE : 5   LENGTH : 3   CHIC : 3  
BLOOD : 3   SCOPE: 4   BONES : 4

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