belgian warmblood, Bay, 1m67, 27 years


Brother of 5 top level winners such as the Olympic Champion Jus de Pomme, and himself ranked 10th in individual at the Beijing Olympic Games, Quintus has proved on the field the value of his exceptional pedigree. He signs his production with chic, blood, range and a great locomotion. He rather suits mares with a certain frame. He remains offered at a reasonable price.

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Pavarotti van de Helle, sIre “Elite Ambassador” BWP, Sire of many winners in the 3 disciplines:
- In Jumping: Quirinus B, international winner in Jumping with J. Bobik, Siracuse de la Bastide with D. Dobson, Rex van het Goteringenveld ISO 159(03), Seconda van de Helle, CSI, Quella van Eversluis, CSI, Raconda van of Helle, CSI, Volare van de Bunte ISO 167(11)…
- In Dressage: Paganini, winner in World cup of dressage with J. Devroe, placed 41th in WBFSH ranking in 2008, Belgium Champion, Quavarotti van de Helle, CDI, Ramazotti van de Heide, CDI, IDR 145(01), Quibana van de Helle IDR 148(08); Piccuni Gay Z IDR 131(15).
- And in Eventing: Reaonka A, winner of the CIC of Waregem, Peper Anne, 5 year old Champion in Germany… classified 35th best sire of winners in the CEC on the world plan in 2012.
He is also Sire the stallions Abantos, Pava JR van de Helle, international winner in Dressage, Primeur' S As, Quavaroti, “Elite BWP”…

Opaline des Pins is an exceptional brood mare, mother of several international champions
Jus de Pomme (Primo des Bruyères sf), Sire, Olympic champion in Altanta and Champion of Germany in 1996 under the saddle of U. Kirchhoff
Magister (Pachat II sf), winner in CSI with F. Mathy Jr
Richebourg (Bayard d’Elle sf), Sire, winner in CSIO with J-C. van Geenbergue, ISO 158(01)
Shogun II (Night and Day PS), Sire, winner in CSIO with Eric Navet, ISO 184(97)
Tresor d’Opaline (Major de la Cour sf), “Elite” BWP Sire, CSIO with J-C. van Geenbergue, Olympic Games of Beijing 2008.
Topaline (Major de la Cour sf), CSI 1,40m with S. Marissen and mother of Calder, CSO 1m40
It is the French Dam line n°72 which produced the Sires Jokris , K Trois.



▶ International winner from 2002 to 2008, with J. - C. van Geenberghe, He has more than 70 international sucess: 10th into individual at the Olympic Games of Beijing in 2008, he took part in the European Championships of Donaueschingen in 2003 and Mannheim in 2007; Winner of the Nations Cup CSIO5* of Helsinki, 2nd of the CSIO5* of Lumen, CSIO4* of Copenhagen, 3rd at the CSIO5* of Dublin, La Baule and Rome, 5th at the CSIO5* of la Baule, 6th at the CSIO5* of Aix la Chapelle, Hickstead and Rotterdam; Winner of the GP CSIO5* of Dublin, CSI4* and CSI2*of Vilamoura and to the CSI2* of Moorsele, Master degree CSI3* of Porto; Winner of the 6 bars class CSIO5* of Dublin; 2nd of the 6 bars test CSIO4* of Hanover and the CSI-A of Vilamoura, of the Master Jackpot CSI-A of Corogne, GP CSI-A of Pontedera, 3rd of the GP CSI4* of Corogne, the GP CSI3* of Arezzo, the GP CSI3* of Porto; 3rd of the Queen Cup CSIO of Barcelona, 3rd of the GP CSIO of Drammen; 4th of the GP CSI3* of Arezzo, the GP CSI-W of Moscow, 4th at the CSI4* of Bourg en Bresse, CSIO5* of Gijon, CSI-W of Oslo; 5th of the GP CSI5* of Deauville, the CSIO5* of Aix la Chapelle, CSI4* of Bourg en Bresse, Corogne, twice 5th of the GP CSI3* of Arezzo, Maubeuge, 5th of the GP CSI-W of Moscow…


Ambassador “Elite” BWP. He has several good winners at the national and international level: Wimpie d' Amour, CSI 6 and 7 years in Switzerland, Whisper, Waldfee Infante, Ufita, Breezer van de Stockheide, Amber van de Schegelhoeve, Boheme van de Ganzenakker, Beligne Vd Watering, CSI, Carte blanche CSI, Bloesem Vd Zilverenhoek CSI2*, Equina Vd Buitenheide, Ufita, Boemerang vh Ganzenhof, ISO 145(15).
His son Epilot van de Moskifarm, AES Sire, exported to the US, is winner in hunter.
Boycot du Givre is 3rd at the French male Championship in Saint Lô 2011. In 2013, Dallas La Chesnais is supreme French Champion of the foals in St-Lô. In 2015, Beylouga is 4-year-old finalist, Fendi Blue, 10th of the 4 years Finale, Bombay des Forêts has 7 perfect performances out of 8, Braises Louvo, 7 clear rounds out of 10, Cperle M’Auréa is licensed in Deauville, Catch Me du Thot is approved sire at the JSF 2015 and is 4-year-old finalist in 2016.
In 2016, Baikal de Vains is 5-year-old finalist, Exodus Angies Rose, 3rd at the national PFS, Alba 4th of the SF stallion of 2-year-old.
In 2017, Elium Mouche is 2nd at the regional of Saint-Lo, Ethys du Chanet and Etoile de Trotteval are respectively 8th and 10th of the 3 years old French Championship in Equita' Lyon.
In 2018, Darco Mouche is 25th of the 5 year old French Championship, Chérie du Haut Bois ISO 133(18), Don' T Worry D' Orrival ISO 123(18), Drop de Moens ISO 128(18), Emeraude du Breil ISO 123(18). Indigo Mouche ends 9th of the Old Male foals French Chamionship.

He passes elegancy, blood and a beautiful locomotion.




Afkomstig van een 5* moederlijn, sprong deze Casall zoon zich in 2017 zelf in de kijker met geweldige prestaties op het hoogste niveau!Afkomstig van een 5* moederlijn, sprong deze Casall zoon zich in 2017 zelf in de kijker met geweldige prestaties op het hoogste niveau !

Technische onkosten zijn altijd 350 € exclusief BTW + 850 €


▶ License : SF,
▶ X-ray score
- WFFS : Génotyp N / N

Grades for breeding (from 1 for a few to 5 for a lot) :
SIZE : 3   LENGTH : 3   CHIC : 5 
BLOOD : 5   SCOPE: 3   BONES : 3

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Olympische finalist en broer van de Olympische Kampioen Jus de Pomme! Hij geeft chic , beweging en een goede techniek !

Technische onkosten zijn altijd 350 € exclusief BTW + 750 €