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Stallion, KWPN, DARK BAY, 174 cm , 32 Years
The legend goes on.
He moved up to 3rd place in the world jumping rankings and into the top 5 in eventing. Along with Cornet Obolensky, he is the most represented sire at the Lanaken World Championships! He is an essential bloodline in modern breeding for his qualities of courage and respect.

Strength - Courage - Respect

Stud fees

Frozen semen :
Booking fee : 350 €
Pregnancy fee : 2 150 
Prices above do not included VAT 5,5%



Breeding advice

License : SF, KWPN, Holst, Bwp, Swb, AA...
WFFS : Génotyp N / N
What to remember : Kannan has been, is and will remain for a long time among the best Sire of winners in the world. Strength, respect and braveness are the three precious assets that he passes to his offspring, making him one of the most valued sires.
What he passes : Kannan usually transmits enough bone and frame and has produced champions with very different types of mares. It is better, however, to focus on mares with chic, blood and flexibility.

Grades for breeding (from 1 for a few to 5 for a lot)  :
SIZE : 5   LENGTH : 3   CHIC : 3  
BLOOD : 3   SCOPE : 5   BONES : 5


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Technical sheet


Voltaire, GP international winner with J. Lansink in Berlin, Stockholm, Calgary… 56th Best Sire into the WBFSH Jumping world ranking. He has more than 200 international performers in CSI, CSIO and CSI-W.
Kellemoi de Pepita, winner in CSIO and CSI-W with M. Robert and 6th world best jumper on her time, Finesse RBG, Concorde, Altair, CSI-W with B. Underhill, Play It Again, CSI-W with I. Millar, Helios, CSIO and CSI-W with H. Bourdy, Flyinge Elektro, Vulkano FRH CSI5* GCT in Monaco with M. Ehning, Ohm of Ponthual, 55th world best jumper on his time, Slieveanorra, Nations Cup winner in Calgary, GP CSI5* in Wellington…
Cemeta dam of:
Gideon, CSI2* and dressage
Interest, 10th in the 7 yo World championship in Lanaken with G. Schroeder, CSI3*
•Lady Meta dam of :
 -Van Meta, CSIO4* and dam of Bella Meta, CSI3* with S. Kramer, Kannan JR, KWPN Champion at 3 yo, CSI4* with M. Ehning, Wessel, CSI5*, Eric Jr, CSI3*
One Endeavour, CSI4* with J. Davenport
Wozieta dam of :
Evalmère de Kaval, « Elite Sport »,in dressage in Holland and dam of Parcival, index 170 in dressage.
Nameta, CSI and dam of Sjors, CSI 1m45 and De Meta, CSI 1m40
Rozieta dam of Le Mexico II, approved stallion in Oldenburg



International performer with M. Hécart:
Nations Cup winner in Lisbon, La Baule, 2nd in Gijon…
French National Champion 
European Championship in San Patrignano
2nd GP CSI of La Courneuve, Vejer de la Frontera, Deauville, GP CSIO5* of Gijon, 3rd GP CSIO in Moscow…
ISO 178


He reached the 3rd place into the jumping world Wbfsh sire ranking and has been among the top 25 for more than 10 years.
Previously ranked World's #1, Kannan has more than 600 offspring winner in CSI as:
James Kann Cruz, silver medallist at the European Championships, 2nd GP CSI5* in Dinard, 1st GP CSI5* in Lexington with S. Sweetnam, Mom's Toupie de la Roque, 2nd in the GP CSI5* in Cannes, 4th in Mexico City and Paris with P. Devos, ISO 177 -GL Events Dorai d'Aiguilly, placed in CSIO5* and GP CSI 1.60m, 8th individually at the European Championships in Milan with O. Perreau, ISO 170 -Double Jeu d'Honvault, CSI5* with S. Guerdat -Diego del Caribe, 4th in the GP CSI4* in Chantilly with V. Marcotte, CSI5* with B. Twomey -Broadway de Mormoulins, champion of France pro Elite with E. Levy, ISO 164 -Drako de Maugré, winner of the Sires of the World in Lanaken, GP CSI 1.60m, 3rd of a 1.60m at the CSI5* in Monte-Carlo with P. Stühlmeyer, ISO 167 -Nikolaj de Music, CSI5* with E. Gaudiano -D'Zeus des Chesnaies IPO 172 -Nino des Buissonnets Olympic Champion in London with S. Guerdat -Quabri de l'Isle, CSI5* with P. Veniss -Molly Malone V, CSI5* with B. Allen -Tradition de la Roque, CSI4* with McLain Ward, ISO 163 -Vintadge de la Roque, CSI5* with D. Hendrickx, ISO 170 -Kel'Star du Vingt Ponts, CSI5* with J. Guéry -Tokyo de Saint Fray, CSI5* with C. Ahlmann ISO 171 and Uppsala del Cabalero, Symphonie des Biches, Sunshine du Phare, Astuce de la Roque, Big Star, Uthope de la Roque, Cekanane de Ushara, Enjoy d'Eole... all indexed at over 160.

N°5 WBFSH world Sire in Eventing: Carouzo Bois Marotin, ranked in CCI5*-L and CCIO4*-S with M. Livio Dao de l'Océan, 1st CCI4* in Wiesbaden with F. Vogg, Cooley Snapshat, winner in CCI4* with S. Milnes Danger Mouse, 3rd CCI3* in Tallahassee, 5th CCI4* in Allentown with C. Martin, Trésor de la Loge, winner CCI3* in Sopot with M. Biasia  and Billy Bumble, Ogustin du Terroir, Karvaleo...

 Several times best Sire of the World Championships in Lanaken.
Gattaca de Vains, Kylemore Lady, Kannandillo,
Noyelle vd Begijnakker, Nadal Hero, Kingsborough Kasper, Kannem JA, First du Murger, Opium JW vd Moerhoeve, Janieta P, Odiena van Berimar... Rockwell RC is 5 years old World Champion, Kumina Della Caccia is 7 yo Wolrd Champion. Kannandillo is world n°1 of the 7yo yorses

Ranked Best Sire of young horses in Fontainebleau in France. MACHO MAN*GFE4th of the 6yo Championship.

Gold Digger du Ventel, stallion, was sold 165 000€ at the Oldenburg auction, Morkus BSW was Westphalian Champion, Lovekey SR was sold 90 000 € at the KWPN sales, Orchidée was sold 81 000 € at the Seacost Stables sales, Quina van Strokapelleken was sold 65 000€ at the Fences Elite Auction, ABS Saving Grace is sold 550 000 € at the Aloga auction...