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Breeding Advice Program : How does it work ?

Breeding Advice Program : How does it work ?

The Breeding Advice Program
works in three steps:


1.      The Characterization:

The characterization of the GFE stallions according to the Breeding Advice Program criteria was carried out by the GFE teams based on the stallions’ own characteristics and those they transmit to their offspring.

The mares can be characterised by the breeder thanks the characterization tutorial (link) or with the help of the GFE specialists by sending to the address: contact@gfeweb.com two pictures of the mare, taken on a flat ground, head forward and the foreleg cannon bone closest to the photographer positioned vertically.

The paces and jumping criteria can be evaluated on video and the temperament criteria are assessed by the breeder, with the help of the rider if the mare has competed.

2.       The Output:

For a given stallion and for each of the criteria filled for the mare, the Program will display a graphic representation featuring a yellow surface (in the shape of a Gauss curve) and a green area.
The yellow surface represents the likely distribution of the grade of the unborn foals of the intended cross-breeding for the assessed criterion.
The green zone, known as the "desirable zone", materializes the scoring space of the criterion within which a horse can best express its natural jumping qualities.
For example, a horse’s jumping ability expresses itself all the more easily when the horse’s shoulder is tilted and his foreleg technique is fast.
This does not mean that horses rated outside of the desirable zone cannot perform, but that, all things being equal, those that are rated inside the zone can express themselves more easily than the latter.
The graphic representation therefore allows us to visualise, criterion by criterion, the strengths and weaknesses of each crossbreeding project.



3.       The Choice:

The percentage of yellow surface located within the green zone translates into a compatibility score ranging between 0 (when the yellow zone is situated completely outside of the green zone) and 100% (when the yellow zone is located completely within the green zone).
This compatibility score is measured for each criterion, for each family of criteria (morphology, paces, jump and temperament) and for the horse as a whole.
It comes together with a reliability score which takes into account the differential between the grades of both parents and thus the accuracy of the predicted rating of the descendants.

If you have no initial idea in terms of crossbreeding, the Program can offer you a choice of stallions that are most compatible with your mare based on the criterion or criteria you have provided.
This choice can be made among all the GFE stallions or within a small group that you have selected according to your preferences.
If you have chosen a specific stallion and are hesitating between several of your mares, the Reverse Breeding Advice Program function will provide you with a compatibility ranking.

The Program has its limitations: in particular, it does not take into account criteria such as coat, breeding origins, fertility, servicing prices, etc... which are also important factors of choice.

Each year, the Breeding Advice Program sees its number of users increase, not only among amateur breeders but also among the most experienced professionals.

Our teams are at your disposal to help you characterize your mares and use the Program as efficiently as possible.
Do not hesitate to contact us!

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