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The desirable zone

The desirable zone



For each criterion inside the notation range from 1 to 4, is defined a desirable zone. The horses whose note of a criterion is in the desirable zone, have all things being equal, more facility with being effective in jumping than those whose note is located apart from this zone.

For the products of the same crossing, the notes of each characteristic of a product generally are understood between the notes of their two parents and the distribution is done around the average according to a normal curve (yellow Curve which represents the probability of distribution of the notes of the foal to be born).

By superimposing the yellow and green zones, the program calculates compatibility between your mare and our standards (yellow percentage of curve in the green zone) like its reliability. The latter is strong when the characteristics of the parents are close and is weaker as they move away.

• More the characteristics of a standard and a mare are distant plus the distribution from the notes of the foal will be broad (curved flattened)
• The closer the characteristics of the parents are, the more the curve is high, the more the probability of the foal to be born will be strong.

This is why it is always important to reinforce the characteristics of the mother by finding the same ones at the standard and to then try to make only evolve some criteria which you want “to improve”!
















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