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The PAX Express programme enables you to quickly and easily assess the benefits and risks of a crossbreeding project between two compatible stallions and the mare you have described.

It is implemented on the basis of the 11 most frequently used criteria.

You can compare 2 stallions among all those featuring in the list of GFE stallions. As you fill in the characteristics of your mare (and for each criterion), the programme will tell you for each stallion if:

•   His compatibility with your mare is good

•   His compatibility with your mare is average

•   His compatibility with your mare is poor

The programme works with a minimum of 3 filled criteria. For unfilled criteria, the corresponding circles will remain blank.

Depending on the total number of circles of each colour, the background of the banner in which the stallion’s name is written will be coloured to indicate:

  •       A completely relevant crossbreeding project
  •       A rather relevant crossbreeding project
  •       A possible crossbreeding project with some reservations to consider
  •       A crossbreeding project with several drawbacks
  •       A crossbreeding project with several serious drawbacks

You can then compare the compatibility criterion by criterion in the summary and go the stallion’s information sheet to order a contract.

You can also sign in to the PAX Programme in order to access a more in-depth study and:

  •       increase the number of stallions up to 10 and compare them with your mare,
  •       access the PAX suggestions: the latter will submit names of stallions that are most compatible with your mare,
  •       use the graphic output of the probable outcome, criterion by criterion
  •      use the Reverse PAX to compare several mares with a specific stallion and find out which mare(s) is/are the most compatible with the latter.

If you have any doubt regarding how to grade your mare on a specific criterion, do not hesitate to click on the i button to access the explanatory note and video tutorial and get help on what grade to assign to your mare.


It is now up to you to start using the PAX !

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