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The new PAX – Breeding Advice Programme allows you to compare several stallions with your mare:

  • The PAX Express version of this programme enables you to easily compare 2 stallions according to the 11 most frequently used criteria and provides you with a result based on as little as 3 filled criteria.
  • You can also sign in to the PAX Programme in order to access a more in-depth study and increase the number of stallions, register your mares, obtain the PAX suggestions and the graphic output, and use the Reverse PAX.

Since its creation 8 years ago, we have been looking every year to improve the PAX programme and provide you with more tailor-made advice on how to make the best use of our stallions. The PAX was a pioneering tool and was developed in partnership with the CIRALE as an algorithm which assesses the compatibility between the characteristics of stallions and mares. The main European Stud-Books place increasing importance on the characterization of morphology, gaits and measurable jumping parameters in order to select their breeding stock.

You will also find on each stallion page of our website the characterization that we drew up with for each one. This characterization is refined every year based on the data collected on our stallions’ progeny. Do not hesitate to give us feedback on how to improve the mechanism as this tool is in constant improvement.

Our teams are at your disposal to help you characterize your mares and use the program as efficiently as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

For more information, please click on the link The PAX: How It Works

Click on the links below to discover the PAX Programme, compare stallions with your mare and start playing with the available features:


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