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Become a shareholder

How to be part of the Group France Elevage or increase its participation?

By applying to the company's head office accompanied by a letter of motivation summarizing your career as a breeder. Subscriptions take place in the fall and nominations are submitted to the executive committee. If there are any shares left available, you will be informed of the value of the stock set by the last General Assembly before the request. You will then be able to confirm your wish by returning the signed registration form and a cheque for the amount of your shareholding. You will then receive a certificate of ownership of your action.

If I am a member of Group France Elevage, do I have to use one of the stallions of the company?  

No, you don't have to. If, one year, you do not use the protrusion card, you will lose the benefits only for the year in question.

Which is the difference between Group France Elevage and a breeders’ association?

An association, like the Group France Elevage, is intended to defend the interests of its members and provide them with services, but it is not entitled to engage in commercial activities and is not vocation to make profits redistributed to its members.

Which is the difference between the Group France Elevage and cooperative?

A co-op must do the essentials (at least 80%) of its commercial activity with its members. As a tax-subject trading company, the Group France Elevage may sell the protrusion of its stallions and services, in France and for export, to customers who are not shareholders.

The GFE will not distribute rebates/discount but its profits will be reinvested (the shares will then increase in value) or distributed among shareholders in the form of dividends. The decision is taken in the General Assembly.

Why did you do shares A and B?

To distinguish the shareholders-breeders from the other categories of shareholders. Apart from the valuation and performance of their stock, the former has an advantage in the choice of protrusions and payment conditions. In compensation, the second are entitled to a small dividend priority on the profits of the GFE.

What exactly are the benefits of the shareholder-breeders?

These advantages are defined in the internal regulation itself validated each year by the General Assembly. Currently it is:
- exclusive information reserved for shareholders informing them first of the stallions proposed by the Group, for instance.
- booking priority for certain stallions and special shareholder offers.
- priority of access to services, these can evolve and meet changes: help in the commercialization and promotion of foals, joint supplies for certain products, access to the reserved space on the website, etc.

What exactly are the benefits of the others shareholders?

These benefits are also defined in the internal regulations; If the company makes sufficient profits, they receive a priority dividend of 6% of their initial investment. For insemination centres, they participate in the distribution of a portion of the price of the protrusions of Group France Elevage stallions sold to non-shareholders.
On top of that, it is among the shareholders that the providers of the services offered to the breeders will be chosen.

What was the first management team?

It was designated by the Company's Constituent General Assembly on December 20th, 2003. Arnaud Evain is Chairman of the Group and the Board of Directors consists of 6 members, 3 shareholders A and 3 shareholders B.

How do I leave the France Breeding Group?

On a simple request addressed to the company's head office. The repurchase price of your shares will be set by the first General Assembly following your request; you will be notified and can then confirm that you are leaving the company. In this case, you will receive a cheque to buy back your shares.