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Stallion, HAN, BLACK, 169 cm , 16 Years
He is considered as one of the best descendants in the Dressage line of Sandro’s paternal line. He stands out for his descendants in France and abroad thanks to chic, easy and efficient products !


Suppleness - Expression - Offspring

Stud fees

Frozen semen :
Booking fee : 350 €
Pregnancy fee : 1 000 €
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Breeding advice

Entered at the Stud in 2008
BDR : +25(0.93) - BBC: + 3(0.46) 
▶ License : SF, Hann, OLD, BAV, RHEIN
▶ X-ray score :
5* - WFFS : Génotyp N / WFFS
What to remember: Sire of the 7-year World Champion and Hollande Champion: Sultan des Paluds, 2nd best Sire of young horses in France in 2018, he confirms the qualities found at his youngest age! He returned to the competition with M. Boblet and was awarded an IDR of 157. Its fertility is excellent.
What he passes : He produces in both Eventing and Dressage where he brings his flexibility and his chic. He passes his quality and energy at collected canter as well as a good ease of use. He also produces very well for Eventing. He suits mares with sufficient size and frame.

Grades for breeding (from 1 for a few to 5 for a lot) :
SIZE : 4   LENGTH : 3   CHIC : 5  
BLOOD : 5   SCOPE : 4  BONES : 3


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▶ Sandro Hit won the German and 6-year-old World Championship in 1999. He was crowned in 2000 «Best Young Stallion». Since 2012, he has been in the top 10 of the best dressage sire in the world, then 3rd in the world ranking of WBFSH dressage sire in 2019 and 2nd in 2017 and 2018 : Salvino, 20th world performer 2019 and 2018, CDIO5 *, Tryon World Games with A. Lyle ; Sir Donnerhall II IDR 175(19), 4th in the Freestyle GP of the FEI World Cup circuit in Madrid, 43rd world performer in 2019, CDI-W and CDIO5 *, Pro Elite 2018 French Champion with M. Barbançon Mestre ; Selten HW, 59th world performer in 2018 with A. Dahl, CDIO5*, Olympic Games of Rio 2016, Tryon World Games 2018 ; Smeyer San d'Or, CDI-W with M. Lane ; Jimmie Choo SEQ, Rio Olympic Games in 2016, 85th world performer 2017, CDI-W and CDIO5* with M. Hendeliowitz ; Showtime FRH, 3rd world performer in 2016, Team Olympic champion and 6th into individual at the Rio Olympic Games ; Ullrichequine’s St Emilion, 38th world performer in 2016 ; Santana 37th world performer in 2014, Sandro Boy 9, Sancette, Sancisco all winners in CDI, CDI-W and CDIO.
Among more than 140 stallion sons of Sandro Hit,
many have been big winners in international dressage events, like  Sandro King, Santiago, Valeron, Sorento, Sir Diamond, Sir Donnerhall, Samba Hit III.
His products are highly appreciated in breeding competitions and auctionsPoetin was the winner of the 6-year-old German Championship, then sold at the PSI auction for € 2,500,000. In 2004, Santa Cruz, young stallion was sold for € 750,000.
In France, among his products  : Selekita 25 IDR 135(19), Scampolino de Hus IDR 128(19),  Samira IDR 143(15), Shamira IDR 140(15), Rehus Hit Grand Champ IDR 156(14); Scalia IDR 162(10) ; Valeron IDR 151(16) ; Salome ICC 155(11) et IDR 143(17) ; Dewi, 2nd of the 6-year-old Championship in Saumur in 2014, IDR 146(14) ; Special Agent IDR 141(18) ; Scarletto IDR 143(17) ; Ultra Chic du Phadoc IDR 145(17) ; Sertorius de Rima Z, 7 year old French Champion, Pro 2 French Champion in 2018 with  P. van Landeghem, IDR 168(18)…
 Danea is a daughter of the dressage breed leader Donnerhall.Under the saddle of Karin Rehbein, has been one of the best dressage horses in the world for several years. The couple won by Team the Gold and into Individual the Bronze medal at the World Championship in La Haye and the European Championship in Verden.
Danea is a full sister of Diandra, the star of Verden's sales in 2003. She has 3 other offspring including: Salome (Sandro Hit old), dam of Talisman, licensed hanover stallion.



▶ 2007 : He is Supreme Champion of the Hanoverian Körung at Verden.
▶ 2008 : He won the 30-day test.
▶ 2009 : At 4 years old, he carried out his 70-day test with exceptional grade of 9/10 for the model, the trot and canter and a note of 9.5 / 10 for his temperament.
▶ 2010 : He devotes himself to covering
▶ 2011 : Qualified at the German Championship for young dressage horses. He obtains the 9 for the trot, the canter and for the general impression. He was placed 3rd in the qualifying competition and ended 9th.
▶ 2013 : It started at the Petit Tour level. He won 2 St Georges events at the Grand National in Auvers with + 71% and + 69%. He was placed 5th of his first CDI3 * in Saumur with 69% with Jessica Michel and 5th in CDI3 * in Vierzon. He is also 4th in the Prix St Georges at CDI3 * in Vierzon.
▶ 2016 : He won his first Pro Elite class at Sandillon with M. Boblet. He was placed 5th in the GP Pro Elite in Rosières aux Salines and 3rd in the Pro Elite GP Special in Saint-Lô, 10th in two  CDI3* de Brno.
▶ 2017: He won the GP and GP Special in Le Mans, the GP in Breviaires
where he ended 2nd in the GP Special, was 3rd in the GP and 4th in the GP Special CDI3* in Nice, 6th in the GP Special CDI3 * in Stadl Paura, 9th in the Grand National of Vierzon.
▶ 2018 : winner of the GP and Special GP at the Equimasters of Rhônes-Alpes, winner of the Preparatory Elite GP in Mâcon, winner of the Preparatory Elite GP in Limoges and 2nd in the Lion d'Angers, 5th of the GP and 6th in the Special GP CDI3 * of Ranshofen.
▶ 20193rd in the Jardy's Pro Élite Grand Prix Special with an average of 70.149%.
▶ IDR 157 (17). 



 ▶ 2nd best sire of Young Horses in the Classic Dressage Cycle by earnings in 2018 and N°1 of the Sire in the Free Cycle.
Sinclair de Hus 
is 12th of the 6-year-old French Championship with L. Gourdain, excellent at 5 years old. Star de l'Ocean, IDR 136(18), French Vice-champion at 4 and 5 years old, "Elite", with G. Recoing, Cramique Kerguelen, 5th of the 6-year-old Championship  with N. Aimé, "Elite", Surprise de Hus, 8th of the 5-year-old championship "Excellent", 6th of the 6 years old, "Excellent" with M-N. Fullop, Sol Di Pasqua IDR 127(19), Nacre des Prés IDR 124(19), Mademoiselle des Prés IDR 122(19), Bolero de la Mure IDR 122(19). Scarlet des Paluds, 9th of the 4 year old Free Cycle Championship, Dyor la Templerie, 8th of 5 years old 1st year and Sixtine de Hus 12th, Sweet Création Z, 7th of 6 years old 2nd year, Salvator de Hus, 2nd of Free Cycle 3rd year IDR 129(19) , Cartouche Beaulieu 6th and Cathalina 12th, Selda, "Elite" at 5 years old, CDI2*, IDR 141(18), Sélène des Paluds, IDR 140(17) with A. André, Shakespeare d'Estive IDR 137(19), Saint Emilion IDR 140(19), Skate Moos Excellent at 4 and 6 years old and « Very Good » at 5 years old IDR 135(19), Shakira de Hus, 9th at 6-year-old, "Excellent" IDR126(19)....
▶ Sultan des Paluds won his first Grand Prix in 2019 with Kirsten Brouwer at 9 years old! Vice World 7 years old Champion in Verden and 7 years old Champion of Holland in Ermelo, 8 years old Champion of Holland of the small tour.
▶ Gazelle Birmane is 5th in the French 3-year-old championshipJaya de Tremoguer, finalist of the French Championship of female foals 2019.
▶ California d’Horset is 6-year-old French Champion in Eventing and 5th of the World Championship with Y. Dirou, Viceversa de Banuel, Bimblo Fleuri, Scarlett de Oaslen Z, Sir de Saint Fray are all good winners in eventing.